please read it

I would like to explain why  we need to cleaning the paper in the dark room.

There in our club 113 person who can put paper if they want.
There is also the Camera club around 10 more people.
So the darkroom is a use by a lot off people.
Yes there some rules, a bit more more than before but we grow from 23 person in the end off 2014 to 113 today. It’s important than everyone enjoy his time in the darkroom.
For the paper problem specifically, some people have 8 boxes… Imagine if everyone have the same amount off boxes it will be 904 boxes!!!!
How can we do it???????
If your are not printing very often maybe consider bring back your paper home and for the other just 2 boxes par person.
The date now is the 20/10 so you have until the 19/10 to change the date or/and limit your boxes to 2.
If you have any question or idea We are (the board) VERY open the new idea.
Have a nice day everyone
The board