Mentor and collaboration programme

Mentor and collaboration programme

For the spring of 2018 analogfotograferna will introduce a new activity, The mentor and collaboration project. To goal is to create a programme in which members can form different kinds of partnerships with other photographers in the club.

Some such partnerships are:

  • Mentorship: A more experienced (it is not about age) photographer that needs some inspiration or just like to help someone else teams up with a someone who needs help getting started or wants to try out something new.

  • Project: Two or more photographers team up over a project or time frame to work together and inspire each other.


We have created this SPREADSHEET Project where members can announce that they are looking to be in the programme. Put your name and project up or contact anyone of those whom have already put themselves up.

For the Mentorship program we are looking first MENTOR until the Årsmöte. If you want are interested be become one please send me an email.

Thanks The board