25 Sept kl 18.30 Ungdomskväll – Youth night

*(English below)

För dig som är 25 år eller yngre. Kom och få information om klubben, lära dig vad du kan göra i klubben, träffa andra analoga fotofans. Om du känner att du vill fortsätta med oss kan du registrera dig och bli medlem. Här finns mer information om medlemskap.

Meeting for youth: 25 years or younger. Come, get information about the club, learn what you can do in the club, meet the other analog photography fans. If you like everything, you can sign up and become a member. Here is more information on membership.

Välkommen! – Welcome!

18 Sept kl 18:30 Developer workshop

In this workshop on Wednesday 18/09 18:30, we are experimenting with the effects of different developers.

Does it really matter if I use Xtol or Rodinal?

If you ever asked yourself this or similar questions, you should join for this evening. More info will soon be posted in our facebook group.

Held by: Simon Smårs

11 Sept kl 18:30 Caffenol Workshop

The caffenol workshop will be held on Wednesday 11/09 18:30

Caffenol is a developer made from household items, ”Caffenol is a photographic alternative process whereby phenols, sodium carbonate and optionally Vitamin C are used in aqueous solution as a film and print photographic developer.” [Wikipedia]

Held by: Johan Lindgren

14 Sept kl 11.00 Lumen prints

The lumen print has been moved to Saturday 14/09 11:00
More details will be posted on the facebook page this week.
You can register on the link below